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These islands are characterised by their essentially flat landscape and gree countryside, except for the towering spire of St. Dímun.
They are known for their good agricultural land and this is why the fields are always bustling with activity in the summer hay is made and stored in silos and the potato fields are lush and green. Along the coast, the mountains rise straight up out of the ocean, especially on the west coasts of Sandoy and Skúvoy.
Around 1,500 people live on these islands in 7 villages; most of the inhabitants earn their living from the fishing industry.
Many of the villages are said to have been inhabited since Viking times. Archaelogical excavations in the village of Sandur have shown that the village is one of the oldest in the Faroe Islands. With its green, peaceful surroundings and many lakes, Sandoy is an excellent plase for at great holiday.
Skúvoy is mentioned in the saga, "Færingesaga", which relates the history of Sigmundur Brestisson, the Wiking chief who lived on the island.
Skúvoy is home to the largest population of guillemots in the North Atlantic. The island is one of the few places where farmers practise the traditional methods of egg gathering and fowling with long ropes.
The smallest island, Stóra Dímun, is not easy to reach. There are no scheduled ferry services to the island. If you do manage to get to the island by boat, you still face a narrow precipitous path up the cliff face to the farmstead on top. This is not a trek for those with vertigo. It is quite possible, however, to arrange a helicopter trip to the island.
These three islands resound with tales of supernatural beings, of mystrious event and people. Today, although isolated, the islands are home to modern, thriving communities that still honour and savour their ancient roots.




The tourist information centre in Sandoy - 210 Sandur - tel +298 36 18 36 - sandinfopost.olivant.fo
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